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Movements. Marketing is a full-service lead generation agency where a multilingual team generates leads from the online and offline initiation and maintenance of converting contact moments with prospects and customers during the entire commercial journey.

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The Movements. Marketing team sets the contact flow with prospects and customers into motion and keeps it going from the RAAS philosophy; Relations as a Service.

Our multidisciplinary, multilingual team can go in full-service or just deliver in specialist areas from strategy to the creation and execution of contact through telephone, e-mail, content creation and distribution using a variety of communication channels.

Leads & Growth

Leads & Growth are inextricably linked with each other, because without leads leads growth continues. But what really works?

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Marketing & Sales Conversion

Without marketing no sales and no sales without marketing; an interaction that strengthens one, the other. But why is Marketing & Sales Conversion crucial?

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Content Creation

Transferring a message is real craftsmanship. After all, content is the fuel for communication and therefore completely indispensable. Movements Marketing is a specialist in communicating. We bring overview and select what promotes your buying process.

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Marc Rensing, Business & Solution Development Manager

“With a subject this important, no time should be wasted on unnecessary communication, the opportunity to take action immediately should be given”

Hesli Pepplinkhuizen, Head of Contact Center

“The employees involved generate good leads. This gives us happy relationships that can always drink delicious coffee! So together a nice result.”

Jaap van Hoeflaken, Salesmanager

“Enthusiasm and inspiration is an important part of these visits. We see Movements employees as colleagues.”

Our view on business

The valuation well appointed

We like to work together with clients who share our view on continuously converting contact moments. Regular personal contact with our project managers allows our customers to keep track of delivered results and actively involves them in the optimisation process.

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Movements.Marketing started in 2012 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. A young, fast-growing team of communication professionals, educated and educated across Europe, has found a place from which distinctive and converting business marketing and communication services are delivered.

As a specialist in the market of valued contact moments, we work every day to generate a continuous stream of positive conversations that lead to conversion throughout the entire marketing and sales funnel.

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